Shadow Index is an audiovisual performance and installation commissioned by Creative Coding Utrecht, Gaudeamus and presented at Rainbows End and Uncloud festival.

The work aims at exploring and challenging given notions of gender, identity and self-representation through digital tools. Focusing on contemporary issues within online culture, the performance plays with the contrast between binarism of devices and machines, the fluidity of human features and the ever evolving process of self-discovery related to gender identity. Born from the urgency to revolutionize and rethink online spaces to be more open and welcoming for non-normative identities, Shadow Index celebrates the dark and unpleasant sides of virtual interactions, intimacy and sense of ‘connection’, while highlighting the need to enhance the potential positive and democratic use that virtuality offers. Through music and images the audience is guided through a post-digital narrative of modern techno-capitalist hysteria: of raw footages, world news, Instagram videos, YouTube trends and queer content, blended in am overwhelming colorful journey that culminates in the invitation to reflect and shape a new relationship to digital spaces, in the attempt of creating a “whole new world”.
The Shadow Index live performance is a first iteration in co-commission of CCU and Gaudeamus – co-produced by Uncloud.

Rainbows End is curated by Zaiba Jabbar of HERVISIONS and Fabian van Sluijs of Creative Coding Utrecht.
Uncloud takes place at Pieterbaan Centrum in Utrecht (NL) from 30th October to 22nd November.

The art installation of Shadow Index was presented at Uncloud Fetsival 2021, held at Pieterbaan Centrum in Utrecht (NL).