Sexless and Inhuman

On May 2018 I joined the panel  “Sexless and Inhuman” at Je t'aime festival in Pauda. 
The open Talk was followed by the projection of the documentary “Out Of This World” about the South African queer sceen directed by singer and activist Mykki Blanco.

The talk focused on inclusion strategies, safe spaces and queer emancipation policies in today’s dance scene.

Guests in panel were Serena Butler and Guenter Råler, artists from the record label Bene Tleilax, the Collective Kosmos, a local community for LGBTQIA+ people, and The Antéros LGBTI association in Padua.

The talk wants to freely investigate the artistic and human evolution of international queer and non-binary components in dance music (and post-club), with particular regard to the (non) Italian scene and for inclusion policies in European clubs and festivals of electronic music, the creation of safe spaces for minorities and disabled people, the artistic urgency that these themes can ignite in the * young * creativity of every possible genetic mark.

The youtube video of the conference is available in italian with automatically generated english subtitles here.