Queering the Digital Space

“Queering the Digital Space” is a new audiovisual project related to my research about new media, queer culture, feminism, gender stereotypes and technology.

The work was premiered at roBOt Festival on October 26th 2019 in Bologna, Italy.

“Queering the Digital Space” takes inspiration from the digital, heteronormative and capitalist culture, examining the distinction between the online VS physical self (IRL / URL) and reflecting on the use and impact that new interfaces, bots and social media have on interpersonal relationships.In the provocative fashion “Queering the Digital Space” mixes clichés, political issues and online trends with the queer and feminist issues, using a neurotic cheap digital aesthetic of flash, glitches and fast cuts that recall online browsing.The diseased side of social technology and the concept of digital intimacy are analyzed through an ambiguous unstable narrative that seeks to destabilize cultural dualisms through the ironic strengthening of the same stereotypes about what it means to be queer and women in the era of digital interactions.