The Showcase video for Kio, a game made by Prickly, a group of 6 students at the University of the Arts in Utrecht. The Game is created in Unreal Engine 4.
Kio is a single-player puzzle adventure game, with a future-fantasy theme.

Kio is the daughter of a master in glassblowing. When her father does not return from a mission to find out why the power fails so often, Kio grabs her blowpipe and goes on a search for her father. In her search she finds out that her world is very different from what she had thought. She has to go further and further into the depth of her world through her blowpipe.

Team, creators and developers:
Sinusaur team- music (
Irene Cassarini – sound design and SFX
Ilona Evers – Character Artist
Jesse Heida – Environment Artist
Jesse van Vliet – C++ & Gameplay Programmer, Technical Artist
Maria van Veelen – UI & UX Design, Technical Artist
Marjolein Joosse – Game & Puzzle Designer
Rik Geersing – Gameplay Programmer