Dröm is an audiovisual collaborative project consisting of a live show with music, lights and visual, created in collaboration with art-tech collective TELEMAGIC.

The work explores visually and sonically themes of loss, transformation and speculative world-building: we create virtual worlds resembling dreams, through the use of light, visuals and sound. The project seeks to captivate the audience by offering an immersive experience, where light, visuals and music are in a seamless synchronicity.
The 3D worlds are directly inspired by the music, drawing from ambient, stretched textures, dreamy melodies and broken beats.

Dröm explores the liminal territory between dreams and reality: what realities can we imagine with the power of imagination?
Inspired by the interconnections we have with the ecosystems around us and the possibility to imagine new speculative realities, we tap into the potential of new worlds.

Dröm premièred at Freaky Dancing festival in Utrecht on May 7th 2022, and was presented in April 2024 at Centraal Museum in Utrecht.


Dröm Tailer 

Do it 4 u live at Freaky Dancing festival

Telemagic interview about Dröm