Artist Statement

As a music producer, visual artist, DJ and curator, my creative journey navigates the vast and intricate landscape of contemporary audiovisual practices.
My work emerges at the intersection of sonic exploration, visual storytelling, and the creation of immersive work. With an ever-curious spirit, I weave together a diverse range of mediums, from composition and performance to installation and research, inviting audiences to traverse uncharted auditory realms and sociopolitical questions.

Drawing inspiration from the ever-shifting interplay between sound, space, and emotions, I craft sonic narratives that transcend conventional structures. Whether through meticulously notated scores or fluid, improvisational performances, my aim is to provoke thought, challenge preconceptions, and evoke visceral responses.

In my role as a visual artist, I harness the power of visual language to complement and amplify the sonic stories I compose. I explore the symbiotic relationship between sound and image, employing various mediums to create intricate visual landscapes that mirror the complexity of the auditory worlds I construct. Through my visual creations, I aim to transport viewers into the heart of the sonic narratives, inviting them to perceive and feel the interplay between sound and form.